Episode 2

Episode Synopsis

In the Second Episode of Optimystic, Brandon Beachum discusses the differences between tearing others down and constructive criticism. Visionary Artist Johnathan Solter joins him and shares his painting “New Eden” and his experiences with psychedelic DMT. From here, Sahara Rose – Best Selling Author, Ayurvedic Expert and “a leading voice speaking to the millennial generation” according to Deepak Chopra – explores ancient Ayurvedic wisdom applied to the modern day. Finally, Sahara and Brandon answer the questions of three guests from the week’s Mystic Manor retreat, and then the show concludes with a musical performance by the angelic Fia.


Soul-Share Interviewee, Sahara Rose
Visionary Artist, Johnathan Solter
Musical Artist, Fia
Retreat Guest, Bree Haenel
Retreat Guest, Margaret Reeves
Retreat Guest, Audry Kurtz

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Opening Monologue

In the opening segment of Episode Two, Brandon discusses facing criticism in the form of a one star review and the difference between tearing someone down and giving constructive criticism. From here we explore the four gates that every word should pass through before it leaves our mouth. Finally, Brandon discusses the idea that where attention goes energy flows, and we explore being for something but against nothing.

Visionary Artist

In the Visionary Segment of Episode Two, Brandon and artist Johnathan Solter explore Johnathan’s work “New Eden”, a view of civilization that is at once ancient and futuristic – pulling from folklore, mythology, sci-fi and fantasy from various cultures. Johnathan and Brandon also discuss psychedelic DMT, and the artists journey into realms that he had seen before in his own paintings. Finally the two discuss collective consciousness, and bringing back ‘polaroids’ from other realms.

Soul-Share Guest

In the Soul-Share Segment of Episode Two, Brandon and Sahara Rose – Best Selling author, Ayurvedic expert and “a leading voice speaking to the millennial generation” according to Deepak Chopra – explore ancient Ayurvedic wisdom applied to the modern day. Sahara discusses the three Doshas, elemental archetypes, within Ayurveda and how each of us have our natural balance of fire, earth and air. Brandon and Sahara delve into the concept of dharma, or ones destined and natural path on the planet – and how to find it for yourself. Finally the two discuss getting to a point of Kriya, or effortless flow, with all you do.

Optimize Q&A

In the Optimize segment of Episode Two, Brandon and Sahara Rose answer the questions of three guests who have stayed at the Mystic Manor for the prior week. The guests explore loss of loved ones and natural solutions to anxiety in New York City.

Musical Performance

In the Musical segment of Episode Two, artist Fia performs her song “Phoenix” in front of a live audience at the Mystic Manor.


“Three things are important in life: be kind, be kind, be kind” – Brandon Beachum

“Ignorance is equivalent to the degree with which we judge things.” – Brandon Beachum

“For the people in your life who challenge you most, start thinking what it is you really love about them. Focus on all their best qualities, and see if they show up in a new way that is surprising to you.” – Brandon Beachum

“Keep bringing it back to being of service. The more that I’m of service the better my life becomes. And not to be of service to make your life better, but to do it because it’s the only air that we can truly breathe that’s going to feed us.” – Sahara Rose

“Our teacher is in everyone. Everyone you meet is your teacher in disguise, it’s just do you choose to recognize them?” – Sahara Rose

“Our life plays out at the corner of free will and destiny.” – Brandon Beachum

“Whatever you can dream up, source has been there, done that and gotten the t-shirt.” – Brandon Beachum

“I believe we all chose to be born in the exact microcosm of the problem we were meant to solve. Look at your parents, whatever issue it is that you have with them, that’s what you are meant to solve.” – Sahara Rose

“Enlightenment has it in the word. Lighten up.” – Brandon Beachum

Books Mentioned

Power vs. Force – David Hawkins

Little Soul and the Son – Neale Donald Walsch

Conversations with God – Neale Donald Walsch

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