Ep. 1: Opening Monologue

Opening Monologue

In the opening segment of Episode One, Brandon introduces himself, his ideas on the ultimate nature of reality, his origins, the Mystic Manor, and how the Optimystic show came to be. He touches on the ancient symbol of the vesica piscis, which also serves as the shows logo in the form of the “Optimystic Eye”. He also shares the story of the caterpillar’s transformation into the butterfly, and how it is analogous for our society today. Finally, Brandon discusses transforming your trigger points into your treasures.

The origins of Optimystic, the Positive Head Podcast, and how Brandon got there [2:33]
The Optimystic Eye/The Vesica Piscis [5:21]
The story of the Mystic Manor retreat and how it relates to the Optimystic show [6:34]
Turning your triggers into treasures [8:11]