Episode 1

Episode Synopsis

The Optimystic show launches with a bang. Brandon Beachum introduces himself, his views on the ultimate nature of reality, and his journey to Optimystic. Visionary artist Vajra shares a new painting inspired by Plato’s allegory of the cave. From here, Shaman Durek, a sixth-generation Spirit Shaman and Healer, delves into the depths of what it means to communicate with spirit in the modern world, what it’s like to date a real princess, and the steps others can take to empower themselves and be released from the “Guru trap”. Finally, Durek and Brandon answer the questions of three guests from the week’s Mystic Manor retreat, and then the show concludes with a musical performance by the ethereal Imagika Om.


Soul-Share Interviewee, Shaman Durek
Visionary Artist, Vajra
Musical Artist, Imagika Om
Retreat Guest, Brianna Florian
Retreat Guest, Jessica Kellem
Retreat Guest, Hilary Horrigan

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Opening Monologue

The origins of Optimystic, the Positive Head Podcast, and how Brandon got there [2:33]
The Optimystic Eye/The Vesica Piscis [5:21]
The story of the Mystic Manor retreat and how it relates to the Optimystic show [6:34]
Turning your triggers into treasures [8:11]

Visionary Artist

Visionary Artist Vajra and Plato’s Allegory of the Cave [12:03]
Vajra’s Poem [13:51]

Soul-Share Guest

Introduction to Shaman Durek [15:24]
Shaman Durek on dating the Princess of Norway [16:36]
Breaking down old systems that no longer serve [20:26]
Durek explains why shamanism goes far beyond plant medicine [23:16]
Durek on suburban shamanism [24:36]
Durek explores treating reality like code [29:43]
Durek on sustainable environment beyond recycling [34:07]
Coming back to the self, all suffering stems from leaving the nucleus [38:10]
Shaman Durek explains the “Giant Age” [42:49]
Shamans aren’t born, they are chosen [48:22]
Negative entities and reliance on plant medicine [51:21]
Shamanism and play, being like a child again [53:24]
The Levana/possession story [55:33]
The importance of opening the books for everyone [58:28]

Optimize Q&A

Introduction of the retreat guests [1:00:23]
Empowering children within urban public schools [1:01:16]
Everyone is in their own private dimension / Enjoying the masquerade [1:03:42]
Parallel lives, signature codes, and attracting the people who are meant [1:08:10]
Telepathic empaths, souls after death and the Krista connection [1:14:29]
How to strengthen your intuition [1:20:56]
Durek communicates with the guides [1:22:27]

Musical Performance

Imagika Om performs “Dreams are Real” [1:28:59]


“This is me, spreading my wings, stretching growing to the next greatest and grandest version of myself.” [3:26]

“Imagine life not as happening to you but for you, not as happening to you but through you.” [8:32]

Books Mentioned

Spirit Hacking: Shamanic Keys to Reclaim your Personal Power – Shaman Durek

Mystic Manor Retreat 

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