Episode 4

Episode Synopsis

In the fourth episode of Optimystic, Brandon Beachum discusses the power of “I am”, Ohm and Santa Clause. Visionary Artist Ashely Jospehine shares her piece on the metamorphosis of the goddess, and poet Robin Tala shares his poem “For the Goddess”.  During the Soulshare Segment, Lee Harris – energy guide, intuitive channeler, and online community leader with his monthly energetic updates – discuss overcoming fears and channeling. Finally Lee and Brandon answer the questions of three guests who have stayed at the Mystic Manor for the prior week, and then the show concludes with a musical performance by sound bath magicians Dynasty Electrik.


Soul Share Interviewee, Lee Harris
Visionary Artist, Ashely Josephine
Musical Artist, Dynasty Elecktrik
Retreat Guest, Krysten Nelson
Retreat Guests, Amy Wingate
Retreat Guest, Kabir Moscoso

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Opening Monologue

In the Opening Segment of Episode Four, Brandon discusses I Am, Ohm and the power of Christmas. From here Brandon explores the power of I am. He emphasizes how necessary it is that you define yourself, and not allot others to tell your story for you.

Visionary Artist

In the Visionary Segment of Episode Four, artist Ashely Josephine shares her painting on the Metamorphosis of the Goddess. From the Caterpillar to the butterfly, Ashely discusses how embracing her own pleasure heals the world. Finally, poet Robin Tala contributes a poem to the end of the segment with his piece “For the Goddess”.

Soul-Share Guest

In the Soul-Share Segment of Episode Four, Brandon and Lee Harris – energy guide, intuitive channeler, and online community leader with his monthly energetic updates – delve deep into Lee’s history as an intuitive, and his first experiences channeling. The two then discuss facing fear and the contrast between empaths and narcissists. Finally the segment ends with Lee channeling The Z’s, a group of intergalactic guides with a message of love.

Optimize Q&A

In the Optimize Segment of Episode Four, Brandon and Lee Harris answer the questions of three guests who have stayed at the Mystic Manor for the prior week. Lee and Brandon discuss conscious leadership, and the balance between being empathetic and being overly attached to others opinions. Finally the two answer another question on confidence, and how to fully realize the confidence you already possess.

Musical Performance

Dynasty Electric performs “Floating Around the Sun” in the Musical Segment of Episode Four.


“We can take on projects of other people that are too big for us. You are not the person who is going to be their medicine. You may be apart of it, but there’s also a sort of ego there that the empath has to recon with. I was not willing to let this relationship end with a fracture.” – Lee Harris

“You can be a visionary, but if you’re not also an architect and a builder, nothings going to happen.” – Lee Harris

“Fear isn’t the problem, our inability to manage our fear is the problem.” – Lee Harris

“Be willing to be scared but don’t let the fear stop you.” – Lee Harris

“Don’t worry about your production value or how many people you’re reaching. If twenty two people have watched your video, that’s twenty two people! Imagine twenty two people standing in front of you, that’s amazing.” – Lee Harris

“Just get in the pool and start swimming. Don’t worry about your bikini, don’t worry about dredging the pool, just start swimming and things will start to happen.” – Lee Harris

“You’ll probably never think you’re the best, that’s not how it works. That’s the path of the creator. You learn every time how to refine. The way we see ourselves is usually a very cracked mirror.” – Lee Harris

“Those of you who are capable of cultivating open loving energy towards the world at large, even if you are not flowing that energy in an enormous way to the person standing in front of you, you are needed. This is your time.” – Lee Harris ‘The Z’s’

“Fully fledged and open love and compassion are the very medicine that this planet needs in order to raise it’s vibration.” – Lee Harris ‘The Z’s’

“You have been born into a world that asks you to lie to yourself over and over about the truth of who you are.” – Lee Harris ‘The Z’s’

“The chaos that is emerging and rising on the planet is the fire that will sit underneath your feet where love is concerned. Try not to be too dismayed by what you are seeing. You cannot have one energy rising without all energy rising.” – Lee Harris ‘The Z’s’

“Remember to sit back and breathe into your hearts the extraordinary love and compassion that you all have access to. As you learn to reactivate it inside your own body, you share it and emit that light for others, and that is all it takes.” – Lee Harris ‘The Z’s’

“Many of you are quite marvelous in what you do on Earth, but it is actually who you be that is most required in the years to come.” – Lee Harris ‘The Z’s’

“Many of you grieve being on the Earth, for you wonder why this place is so dark when you remember everything being lighter and brighter. The light exists here very strongly, the challenge for you as human beings is to find it, to amplify it, and to let it run through your body regardless of the reactions of others.” – Lee Harris ‘The Z’s’

“You are gardeners of heart and light for others. As you fertilize the light within yourself, you also allow it to fertilize in others.” – Lee Harris ‘The Z’s’

Books Mentioned

The Power of I Am”- David Allen

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